Boost Your Business with Microsoft Business Apps - 10 Practical Strategies

Globalization and Hybrid Work Environment is all over now. Businesses now demand to be more efficient than ever. Therefore, many apps are available, each claiming to be the best for your business goals. 

But as we start making progress, we often end up with so many apps - making it hard for us to handle data and incorporate smooth communication. Besides, every business has different challenges, and no app fits all industries. 

So, here are Microsoft's steps in offering you interconnected apps and modules and offering the exclusive benefits you need. The idea is overwhelming, but here are some of the best practical strategies to improve your business with Microsoft apps.

10 Practical Strategies to Utilize the Full Potential of Microsoft Business Apps

There is a lot on your plate, and while you are trying to focus, let us help you with some of the best strategies to use Microsoft apps and boost your business. 

  • Automate Customer Follow-up with AI

It is very evident that sales teams spend thousands of hours on calls with different customers. Additionally, they spend more hours on follow-ups. With Microsoft 365 copilot, you can intelligently facilitate users by summarising all action items and concerns.  

With natural language processing ability empowered by Azure OpenAI service, you can leverage the features to make conversations understandable. It will help you create notes from Microsoft Teams and other meetings. 

  • Co-pilot Streamlined Collaboration

Microsoft 365 co-pilot can help you seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams. Further, this can ensure intercommunications and external conversations easily, whether by sharing files or sending the right message. It keeps your remote team and office teams collaborating easily. 

  • Personalize your Analytics with Power BI Dashboards

As a busy business owner, you need everything at a glance, and personalized dashboards can greatly help. So, you can leverage Power BI for data visualization. 

Power BI is one of the Microsoft Business Applications designed to offer you data visualization right on your personal dashboard - giving you deep insights on every significant matter. Further, customize the information as needed, providing clarity for better-informed decisions.

  • Discover Deep Customer Insights with Microsoft’s Natural Language Feature

Marketers still rely on manual approaches to get customers and collect data. Getting results takes a lot of time and sometimes days or months. If you leverage Microsoft Copilot as a natural processing language to analyze customer insights from complex databases, 

You can use natural language prompts, and without expertise in SQL queries, marketers get clearer concepts, which stops them from understanding their customer demographics better. 

  • Intelligent Process Automation with Power Platform

Many companies struggle to manage and update processes.

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform provide ready-to-use online forms, workflow management, and data storage capabilities to automate business processes rapidly. These solutions use Microsoft Teams and Dataverse to serve the entire company across departments.

Microsoft 365 also integrates with many external tools. For example, you can retrieve actions from emails as an integrated execution component within a workflow.

  • Social Media Engagement with Microsoft 

Social media now plays an important role not only in attracting customers and increasing sales but also in providing superior service and building brand loyalty.

Microsoft Social Engagement is an additional CRM app that connects to Dynamics 365 solutions to help with all these tasks.

Social Engagement provides a platform for Dynamics 365 users to deploy, monitor, and analyze social media interactions and stay on top of what's happening in the market.

A social engagement interface allows users to respond to interactions, create and assign cases and sales leads in Dynamics 365, and analyze sentiment.

You can use the social media engagement feature with sales, Customer service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation.

  • Advanced Data Analysis with Power Query

Excel is one of the most prominent tools in any business dealing with data. But if we tell you that with Microsoft 365’s Power Query, you can extract, transform, and load data from many sources at a time. 

As you incorporate this, too, you can entirely change the game for data analysis. You can consolidate data from various platforms and perform complex transformations effortlessly.

  • Microsoft Azure for Maximum Protection of your Data

Microsoft 365 has unique and powerful security and compliance features, including cyber threat protection, data loss prevention, and encryption.

This can be extended and enhanced through easy integration with Microsoft Azure. So, opt for the highest security compliance for your organization. Azure (or Azure Active Directory) provides secure, scalable storage options and a solid foundation for protecting structured and unstructured data.

  • Microsoft 365 Scales with your Needs

The main goal of every company is growth. To get more revenue, these companies leverage various software  - only increasing their investment budget. You will need to purchase more licenses, servers, computers, and potentially an office space. But with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can address these concerns. 

Even upgrading your plan is an easy way to get more storage space, licenses, and access if necessary. Frequently, all it takes to get changes to your account in a matter of hours is to call your account representative or the Microsoft helpline and request an upgrade.

  • Microsoft 365 for SMBs

Small businesses have a harder time adjusting to remote work. By getting Office 365 business apps, businesses can now make collaboration and communication quite easy, with detailed data available to everyone at any time in a single place. 

Customers can chat using teams, host meetings, schedule appointments, and get professional consultancy services anytime simply by integrating collaboration tools for businesses.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you want to boost business, business applications by Microsoft are the best way to get results. It offers you all you need and within the needs of your organization. 

If you are unsure about the app integration strategy you must apply, get expert help from the consultants of Exhortek. Our team is ready to take up the challenge for you and customize Microsoft apps for your goals. Reach for more!

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