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Azure DevOps Services by Experts of Exhortek

After adopting DevOps practices, 63% of companies increase their software release frequency and enjoy improved delivery quality. You can be among them if you have the right team by your side. Exhortek consultants and professionals of Azure DevOps are ready to get you through challenges and ensure the automation of your team performance.


Build Modern Applications with Azure DevOps without any Hassle

Collaborate better and plan smarter with Azure DevOps and Exhortek strategies

1: Implement Secure DevOps

Achieving a balance between speed and security is crucial in modern application development. Azure DevOps allows you to implement secure DevOps practices with multiple features on Azure for container orchestration and constant monitoring for accelerated feedback loops.

2: Leverage Serverless Event Processing

Designing an event-driven architecture can help you process data in a highly available and low-latency manner. Azure DevOps provides the tools and services to build serverless event-processing solutions, allowing you to ingest data, process it, and write the results to a back-end database.

3: Simplify Azure Deployment

CI/CD with Azure DevOps and Power Platform DevTools simplifies D365 and Power Platform deployment, automates testing, ensures version control, and accelerates delivery, enhancing solution reliability and speed.

Azure DevOps Services

Our approach to Azure DevOps Services is all about helping your organization take confident strides forward. With our guidance, you can harness the true potential of Azure DevOps, making the development of applications that matter to your organization and users a swift journey.

Azure Project Management

Our experts assist you in smoothly navigating the intricacies of Azure project management, ensuring that every step is clear and manageable.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Dive into the world of data with Azure Synapse Analytics. Let us guide you in utilizing its capabilities to uncover insights that drive your organization's growth.

Azure Machine Learning

Delve into the amazing space of machine learning with Azure. We simplify the process, enabling you to leverage the power of machine learning for your organization's unique needs.

Azure OpenAI Services

Discover the potential of Azure's OpenAI services. Our team helps you integrate these services seamlessly, enhancing your applications with intelligent features.

Deploy Faster and with Secure Environments

Using Azure DevOps practices will assist your organization in staying ahead by making the process of developing apps that bring value to your organization and users quicker.

Azure Boards

Visualize Your Progress Experience streamlined project management with Azure Boards. This application lifecycle management tool assists teams in not just tracking tasks but also envisioning, mapping out, and collaborating on projects. With Azure Boards, you'll have a clear view of your project's progress every step of the way.

Azure Pipelines

Automate Your Success Simplify your development pipeline with Azure Pipelines. This cloud service automates the build, release, test, and deployment processes through CI/CD. It supports various platforms and languages and seamlessly integrates with containers and Kubernetes. Whether it's Windows, Linux, macOS, or any cloud platform like Azure, AWS, or GCP, Azure Pipelines has got you covered.

Azure Repos

Code management made easy. Effortlessly manage your codebase with Azure Repos. This set of version-control tools offers unlimited cloud-hosted private and public Git repositories. Whether you're working solo or with a team, Azure Repos ensures your code is organized, accessible, and under control.

Azure Artifacts

Simplify Package Management Create, host, and share packages efficiently with Azure Artifacts. This tool streamlines complex build jobs and integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools and services. From Python to NuGet, Maven to NPM, Azure Artifacts offers unified artifact management, allowing you to focus on what matters most: building exceptional applications.

Azure Test Plans

Elevate Your Testing Elevate your testing process with Azure Test Plans. This toolset provides manual and exploratory testing capabilities along with advanced test management tools. Throughout the development lifecycle, you can rigorously test your applications, ensuring their quality and performance meet the highest standards.

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Choose Exhortek for unparalleled Azure DevOps consulting and services. Our professionals drive transformation, guiding your company toward new opportunities and growth.

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No more downtimes when you have Azure DevOps in your strategy

Enhanced Collaboration

It facilitates centralized code management, promoting teamwork for efficient coding. Utilize cloud resources and platforms like Microsoft Teams to enhance collaboration while maintaining coding efficiency.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Azure DevOps ensures continuous delivery by emphasizing configuration management. The CI/CD pipeline manages the entire lifecycle seamlessly, from development to deployment.

Platform Flexibility

Azure offers extensive integration options, connecting with tools like Slack and ServiceNow. Break free from limitations and collaborate effortlessly, even across different platforms.

Security and Trust

Hosted in Microsoft's IRAP-certified data centers, Azure DevOps guarantees robust security. Continuous support and high uptime ensure data protection and system reliability, empowering confident development.

Effortless Updates

Azure DevOps consulting solutions manage automatic updates and patches. Embrace a CI/CD architecture to eliminate upgrade-related downtimes, saving time and resources.

Customizable Approach

Azure DevOps supports customization through integration options. Implement preferred methods and tools, fostering adaptability for diverse groups and allowing exploration of unique delivery approaches.

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Your business is unique, and so are our solutions. At Exhortek, we design Azure DevOps strategies that fit your exact needs, ensuring your journey is as distinct as your goals.

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Azure DevOps isn't just a service – it's a way to unleash your company's potential. Our expertise opens doors to collaboration, efficiency, and success, propelling your business forward.

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Embrace a new era of possibilities with Exhortek. Our Azure DevOps solutions are your gateway to innovation, growth, and endless prospects. Let's journey towards success together.