Seamless Application Integration for D365: Boosting Efficiency and Performance

Connect your applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and win customer satisfaction at every point. Leverage the power of integrated systems to deliver personalized experiences and build lasting customer relationships. Our expert solutions ensure smooth interactions between your business processes and D365, unlocking new levels of performance.

Simplify Your Work Operations with Our Application Integration Services

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Data Integration

Have you ever felt like your data is playing hide-and-seek? Exhortek steps in to untangle that mess. We're all about making life easier – from your apps, systems, and databases to those offline nooks. With a nifty process, we weave all your data into one cozy hub. No more wild goose chases for info! Whether your data does a solo dance or hangs with pals, our Data Integration Services & Solutions are like your data's personal trainers. They help it perform its best, making everything tick like a well-oiled clock and ensuring your customers have smooth sailing.

API Integration

Exhortek's API integration services act as the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps successful businesses running smoothly. By connecting data and applications seamlessly, these integrations enhance efficiency without the fuss. We offer all-around API solutions that help businesses do more without the extra hassle. From boosting productivity to cutting costs, our services cover the bases. We provide ready-to-use integration tools or can build a personalized system to fit your unique needs – because every business has its flavour of challenges to tackle.

Enterprise Application Integration

Taming the data chaos in your enterprise apps? Exhortek is on it. We specialize in crafting pathways that let your different apps have a meaningful conversation. From the back-end systems to the front-end apps, we make them talk seamlessly. No more language barriers between your software! Our Enterprise Application Integration expertise ensures that your systems play well together, allowing data to flow without hiccups. It's like orchestrating a symphony of software for a harmonious business experience.

Saas Platform Integration

Do you have too many options to choose from Saas Platform? We can be your application integration technologies experts for it. We're pros at bringing different platforms to the same table. From the cloud to your screen, we connect them seamlessly. No more juggling between different logins and interfaces! Our SaaS Platform Integration solutions ensure that your software tools join forces so you can focus on what matters most. Think of us as the bridge that unites your SaaS islands into a thriving archipelago of efficiency.

Application Integration of Microsoft Solutions

Integrate seamlessly with the experts of Exhortek and enjoy a productivity boost in your company.


Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams facilitates seamless collaboration among team members, offering integration with a wide range of apps and services. This integration enhances teamwork by enabling features like content sharing, access to external data, and the use of bots for efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Integration

By integrating with Microsoft 365 and third-party software, Dynamics 365 expands its capabilities. This integration streamlines tasks, refines data quality, enables marketing automation and analysis, enhances document management, and optimizes key processes.

Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform connects the Microsoft 365 app. This allows you to examine data, systematize tasks, and develop fresh approaches for handling information and operations within the Microsoft 365 environment. We can help you with smooth integration to the best solutions.

Custom Integrations

Integrating software from your regular corporate suite is crucial to ensure practical outcomes for your business. Exhortek possesses the required expertise to assess your existing software, formulate a tailored integration strategy, and execute it effectively.

Application Integration vs. Data Integration

Not familiar with the difference? Our consultants can offer a great deal of assistance.

When it comes to making the most of data from different systems, organizations generally adopt two main approaches: application integration and data integration. Although both methods deal with managing data, they serve different purposes. Let's explore the key differences between these two approaches:

Data Integration

Focuses on data at rest, Operates in batches, Involves moving data between various systems, Relies on relational databases, Doesn't necessarily require an understanding of business processes, Used when organizations need to combine and analyze static data, Involves batch jobs that process data periodically

Application Integration

Deals with real-time operational data, Connects live data from different sources, Aims to integrate different applications, Requires understanding of business processes, Used when organizations want to enhance the functionality of business processes involving multiple data sources or systems, Utilizes process or API-centric integration

Ready to Seamlessly Integrate Your Systems?

Experience effortless integration solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and other software, including any other CRMs or ERPs. We have experts, knowledge, and time to deliver what’s best for your business in the long run. So, reach out to get more.

Application Development and Integration with Ease

Streamlining Your Digital Landscape with robust application integration technologies

Integration Planning

Our focus is to align your business needs with the technology, ensuring that the integration process is well thought out and tailored to your requirements.

Data Migration Strategy

We approach it with a clear and methodical strategy. Our team ensures that your data is transferred accurately and securely, minimizing disruptions and downtime during the transition.


With a focus on efficiency and precision, we ensure that the integration is carried out in a way that aligns with your organization's existing processes and minimizes any potential hiccups.

Support and Consultation

Our experts do not leave you here; they are there for consultation and support as long as you need it. We're dedicated to helping you make the most of your integrated solutions over the long term.