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Our cloud migration consulting adopts a customer-centric approach, leveraging pre-set templates and advanced data analytics tools. This guarantees a streamlined, impactful, and systematic migration process that safeguards your business from any adverse effects. Take confident steps towards cloud success with our comprehensive support.

Effective Process of Cloud Migration Australia

Our process of M365, D365, and Power Platform migration is all about clarity and the elimination of all the guesswork


Develop a Strategic Plan

Craft a well-thought-out plan that clarifies the purpose of moving your business activities. Evaluate the costs involved, identify migration requirements, and thoroughly assess both the existing environment and applications.

Identify Suitable Applications

Examine the complexity of applications, security prerequisites, and other relevant factors to determine which ones are appropriate for migration to the cloud. This will help simplify the migration process.

Choose the Right Cloud Provider

Make an informed decision when selecting a cloud provider. Consider your business's unique needs and prioritize aspects like security, compliance, and performance to find the best fit.

Address Security Concerns

Give attention to security issues during cloud migration. Utilize automated testing frameworks that cover comprehensive security tests to uncover vulnerabilities after migration. Develop a roadmap for security audits to ensure adherence to security policies during migration.

Select the Best migration Approach

Choose the migration approach that aligns with your business objectives. Whether it's "lift and shift" (rehosting), re-platforming, or re-factoring, opt for the strategy that suits your needs.

Prepare for Ongoing Support

Plan for continuous success by organizing the necessary resources and support to manage your cloud environment after migration effectively. This will ensure a smooth transition and sustained performance.

Our Capabilities of Cloud Migration Services

Experience a streamlined transition to advanced business processes through Exhortek's holistic cloud migration services. Our refined approach spans the spectrum of cloud integration, ensuring a seamless shift while optimizing outcomes.

Cloud Migration

Discovery and Analysis are the core of D365 migration. Leveraging our proprietary tools, we conduct an in-depth evaluation of your infrastructure, applications, and data. This analysis underpins a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements, facilitating the identification of tailored cloud services aligned with your strategic direction.

Sovereign Cloud Services

Preserve data control and adhere to industry standards through Exhortek's specialized sovereign solutions. We create frameworks that align with regional values, offering data protection while extracting its inherent value. Our services empower you to maintain sovereignty over your digital assets.

Cloud Migration Strategy and Planning

Navigating the intricacies of cloud migration requires meticulous planning. Our team collaborates closely with yours to develop a robust strategy and a detailed migration plan aimed at minimizing potential risks, time investment, and costs. Trust Exhortek to guide your transformation process methodically.

Cloud Migration execution

Experience a seamless migration process with our automated cloud management and migration tools. Backed by a transformation management plan, our execution ensures a well-coordinated transition, enabling you to focus on core business objectives uninterrupted.

Exhortek: Cloud Migration Services

Seamlessly migrate your business to the cloud with Exhortek's comprehensive migration solutions.

Microsoft Azure Migration

Simplify your move to Microsoft Azure through Exhortek's migration services. Our understanding of Azure is the latest, and experts put all efforts into helping you. Our team will assist in seamlessly migrating your applications and data, facilitating an efficient transition to the Azure environment.

Email Archive Migration to Microsoft 365

Exhortek offers a seamless solution for the hassle-free migration of your email archives to Microsoft 365. With our specialized services, you can trust us to efficiently transfer your historical email data, ensuring that all your important communications are readily accessible in the cloud-based Microsoft 365 environment.

PST Migrations to Microsoft 365

No organization wants to miss their PST files. They are the ones you need on every step of business. We understand the significance of these PST files for your organization, and our dedicated migration solutions ensure a trouble-free transition, preserving your valuable data while ensuring it's readily available within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Journal Migrations to Microsoft 365

When it comes to migrating your journal data to Microsoft 365, Exhortek's expert solutions offer a safe and efficient path. We recognize the importance of preserving your journal entries, and our specialized services ensure that your historical records seamlessly integrate into Microsoft 365, guaranteeing accessibility and compliance.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Migration is a critical process, and mostly, it comes with the challenge of losing data. We get it, each and every bit of the organization's data. We adhere to the backup and recovery plans as well. Each and every step is properly planned and executed to get the results of your choice. Safeguarding your data is the foremost step in our list when starting a migration process.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Cloud environment is dynamic and it is a continuous process. Exhortek ensures you get a dedicated support team ready to take your inquiries and always offering monitoring and optimization services. We ensure that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules run at peak and provide effective performance.

Looking for ways to elevate your business through cloud migration service?

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Drive with efficacy with the cloud and open new revenue streams

With a wealth of experience aiding a diverse range of entities, from startups to large enterprises.

Cost Efficiency

Organizations are billed solely for their resource consumption, a cost-efficient alternative to independently procuring and maintaining hardware and software. This migration approach also assists companies in decreasing their dependence on in-house infrastructure.

Adaptability and Scalability

Cloud migration introduces heightened flexibility, permitting businesses to readily scale their server requirements in response to changing operational demands. Microsoft 365 Cloud services exhibit superior scalability and efficiency in contrast to on-premises solutions.

Security Enhancement

Executed with proper measures, the cloud can present heightened security compared to conventional network systems. The process of cloud migration can effectively lower the susceptibility to cyber incidents and enhance the disaster recovery capabilities of businesses.

Stremlined Management

A notable benefit of Dynamics 365 cloud migration is streamlined management, attributed to a reduction in reliance on on-site infrastructure and hardware. This streamlining empowers businesses to concentrate on their core competencies while also diminishing the exertion required for IT management.

Heightened Performance

Cloud-based platforms and services provide consistent high-level performance at a more economical cost and with significantly diminished IT exertion. This performance enhancement fosters increased business agility and augments customer service capabilities.

Continuity Ensured

An essential outcome of cloud migration is the assurance of uninterrupted business operations. Cloud migration strengthens business continuity measures by enabling access to data and applications from any location and at any time.

Benefits of Cloud Migration with Exhortek

Backed by a proficient team of cloud specialists and strategic collaborations with prominent industry leaders like Microsoft, we provide extensive cloud transformation and migration services tailored to your business needs.

Expert Cloud Specialists

Our proficient cloud specialists ensure a seamless migration process, leveraging their experience to minimize disruptions and ensure efficient transitions.

Strategic Industry Collaborations

By partnering with Microsoft, we harness cutting-edge resources to create innovative solutions aligned with your business objectives.

Tailored Migration Strategies

We design migration plans that fit your unique needs, whether partial, hybrid, or comprehensive, ensuring a personalized and effective migration journey.

Unmatched Scalability and Agility

Experience unparalleled adaptability to market changes as our cloud solutions enable swift resource provisioning, freeing your business from traditional constraints.

Cost Efficiency and Optimization

Our meticulous resource analysis and pay-as-you-go model guarantee cost-effective solutions, eliminating unnecessary expenses while maintaining peak performance.