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Unleash the Full Potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, Power BI, and Business Central with Our Expert Training and Consultation Services

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Our Services

As modern-day alchemists, we harness the power of technology to turn digital elements into pure gold for your business.

CRM Implementation

Crafting genuine customer connections, we implement D365 CRM, nurturing lasting relationships and fostering growth

Business Apps

Tailored apps to simplify operations, enrich user experiences, and cultivate a more productive business landscape.

Data and AI

Navigate through sail the seas of Data with Precision, harnessing AI to unveil insights that steer your business toward intelligent decisions.


Empower your team with knowledge, cultivating a culture of innovation and nurturing professional evolution with Microsoft trainings and data and AI consultation.

Azure DevOps

Seamlessly streamline software projects with Azure DevOps, enhancing efficiency and ensuring impeccable project delivery.

Application Integration

Harmonizing despair systems into a symphony of efficiency, we integrate applications to amplify your business's digital resonance.

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About Us

Experts In Technology, Passionate About Your Success!

Here at Exhortek, you will meet a team of tech enthusiasts. They are on a mission to illuminate the boundless possibilities within the Microsoft ecosystem.

At the heart of Exhortek, we're a team of tech wizards - Microsoft navigators, data analytics consulting members, AI architects, and business alchemists. But we're not just about codes and machines; we're like tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly into your business's unique style.

We see each project as a thrilling adventure, exploring new territories of potential together. Mainly, certified Microsoft experts and AI masters lead our way, but what truly guides us is our love for tech and its impact.

Whispers of Transformation, Not Transactions

We're not about fancy numbers and buzzwords. Exhortek's journey is marked by meaningful milestones, where growth is nurtured through trust and collaboration. We build lasting partnerships that stand the test of time.

Redesigning Tomorrow, One Pixel at a Time

Dive into the world of data, where Exhortek turns information into wisdom. With the colours of analytics and AI, we paint pictures of smart decisions and bold steps. Your data takes the lead, shaping your business's story.

Our Specializations

On this journey through our specializations, from CRM implementation services to CRM customization, we invite you to discover the boundless possibilities that lie within each of our specializations.

Customized Solutions

Imagine a world where your data management services and analytics challenges are met with unique solutions. Yes, this is us. Our team of skilled artisans craft solutions that are as distinctive as your fingerprint.

Data Analytics Consultancy

Experience the power of instant insights empowered with data. Our experts in AI consulting services delve into the data universe, extracting real-time information that empowers you to make informed decisions on the fly.

Data Management Services

We specialize in simplifying complex information, ensuring that even the most intricate details are presented in an understandable manner. Through our expert approach, data comes to life and becomes a source of management.

Predictive analytics

Peek into the future with our predictive magic while using the most significant analysis algorithms. By analyzing patterns and trends, we help you anticipate what's next, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

Hi-Tech Solutions

Our approach is more than just technology – it's an art form. Like skilled craftsmen, we meticulously design solutions, including business application solutions and Microsoft Dynamics training, seamlessly blending innovation with practicality.

Real-time analytics

Harness the immediate power of real-time analysis and informed decisions with our real-time analytics prowess. We dive into the data stream to provide you with up-to-the-minute insights, turning information into action.

AI Integrations

We specialize in simplifying complex information, ensuring that even the most intricate details are presented in an understandable manner. Through our expert approach, data comes to life and becomes a source of management.

360-Customer View

Explore the complete range of your customer interactions. Our CRM solutions offer a broad perspective of each customer's journey, allowing you to customize experiences and nurture enduring relationships.

Become A Certified Professional With Our Training Programs

We understand the importance of keeping up with the latest technologies and certifications to stay competitive in today’s job market. That’s why we offer a range of training programs for Microsoft certifications. These programs are designed to help individuals gain the knowledge and skills needed to become certified professionals in their respective fields.

Our Executive Team

Meet our team of Microsoft experts and Data & AI specialists. With a shared passion for innovation, we're here to tailor solutions that bring your business aspirations to life.


Tuaha Bin Suhail

Managing Director

A leader with expertise in MS Dynamics 365, CRM strategy, and application development. Proven proficiency in process design, integration, Agile methodologies, and stakeholder management. Recognized for driving success through Dynamics 365, web solutions, and team leadership.


Ravi Kashyap

Director Business Apps

A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with a strong Dynamics CRM, ASP.NET, and SQL background. Skilled in module integration, software development, and custom reports. Adept at troubleshooting and administration, contributing significantly to team excellence.


Farhan Usman

Director Training

Technology Architect and Consultant, known for his exceptional interpersonal skills. With over a decade of experience in the IT industry, he has dedicated himself to shaping careers and fostering success. Farhan possesses strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, excels in teamwork, and thrives in managing multiple projects. His technical acumen is the driving force behind our excellence.


Farrukh Jalali

Director Data Analytics

A distinguished data professional with 16 years of versatile experience in data, modeling, and analytics. Certified and accomplished in developing analytics solutions and successful strategies for operational efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth. An integral leader driving data-driven success.


Emily Johnson

The Boss

Emily is a bot but she isn't just a bot; she's the driving force behind our team's efficiency and success. She's the ultimate multitasker, seamlessly managing everything, from resource scheduling for project management teams to lead generation for sales and marketing. Emily also excels in website maintenance and collaborates with the development team for solution configurations and customizations.